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Instead of seeking the turbocharged or supercharged car, or even the tri-motor PLAID Tesla Model S, or a hypercar, or a McLaren, or a Lamborghini, or the uber-fast sports car of your dreams, isn’t it better to turbocharge or supercharge yourself?

This means:

  1. More intermittent fasting (eat your dinner as late as possible). Don’t break your fast until sundown (Ramadan style, every day, all day).
  2. More black coffee during your waking hours. Also figure an optimal time to cut your caffeine intake so you can sleep better at night (for me, it seems cutting coffee at 9am is ideal). Best to drink coffee between 6-9am.
  3. More working out during the day. Instead of seeking to drive fast, perhaps better to hit the gym and powerlift (deadlift, squat, heavy dumbbell press), or just go for max reps for chin-ups at home (get a chin-up bar that fits over your bedroom door frames), or get a kettlebell and go for max-reps one-armed swings.
  4. Optimize for sleep, not ‘productivity’. If you sleep well, you will inevitably be productive. Sleep is godlike— even the Greek gods of the Iliad sleep. If Tom Brady goes to sleep every day at 7:30pm, and doesn’t drink any coffee or caffeine during the day … can’t we?

Physiology 101

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