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Strength over Happiness

A thought:

Perhaps ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’ are a bit overrated.

Perhaps better to focus is on strength — specifically, physiological strength.

What is physiological strength?

Physiology — as pertaining to the human body, and about human physical muscular growth.

Focus on the body seems to be the best policy. I believe that much of our anxiety, depression, lack of energy and mood has to do with modern vices:

  1. Too much workaholicism– the strange feeling of guilt when you are napping, sleeping, or *not* working
  2. Lack of natural light
  3. Lack of walking outdoors
  4. Lack of physical exercise
  5. Over-consumption of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, pastries and desserts, alcohol, weed, etc.
  6. Too much over-stimulation (late at night) when watching TV shows, movies, Netflix, YouTube, etc which prevents us from sleeping
  7. Forcing ourselves to stay up late to work, and forcing ourselves to wake up early to work. The modern vice of thinking that to ‘work more, and sleep less’ is not virtuous!

What kind of strength?

One Rep Max Squat

I used to think a lot about ‘power’, but perhaps strength is a more accurate view. Strength:

Physiological power, to attempt or do whatever your desired behavior is!

How to gain more strength

Strength; to be strong.

Practically speaking, sleeping a lot. To wake up feeling energized. The best way to do this is to wake up without the agency of an alarm clock. Also, remove irritants from your diet which disturb your sleep (for example, I cannot tolerate lactose, or legumes — gives me too much gas). Also, to prioritize my sleep is the #1 goal.

And during the goal, walking as much as I can. To look at the sun — I feel like a human doing photo-synthesis.

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