Physiological Joy

The origin of all joy is physiological:

A thought:

All the joys we feel and experience are physiological.

For example, the serotonin and dopamine that hits our brain and vein is physiological. Even the rush of buying something new you desire, sexual pleasure, or obtaining money releases a bunch of physiological hormones (pertaining to our bodies) which make us feel joy.

Thus the simple idea:

If your goal in life is to maximize your joy, then best to focus on your physiology.

This means prioritize your sleep (sleep deep, long and great), prioritize your nutrition (more meat, more fat, and also practice intermittent fasting during the day) and abstain from chemicals, drugs, or things which physiologically weaken and depress you. Today’s pandemic is depression — doesn’t that mean we should eliminate “depressants” from our lives? (alcohol, weed, etc).

What is a physiological “upper”? The joy of the presence of other humans, working out, beautiful human bodies, waking, the bass and rhythm of music, sunlight, warmth, colors, hot baths, cold showers, and peace and quiet (tranquility).

For our homes, prioritize natural light, quietness (far away from a busy street or city noises), hygiene, and warmth.

Or the takeaway lesson:

Physiology is king.


Physiology 101

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