All great things originate from your body. If you optimize for your body — in terms of your abode, lifestyle, nutrition, and approach … everything else in life will take care of itself! Practical ideas:

  1. Ideal temperature in your home. Your body cannot thrive (at home) if frigid or sweltering. Allow yourself to “waste money” on ideal heating or cooling of your home. Even more ideal to live in a new home where heating and cooling is included — so you can always be at an ideal temperature. Then in the morning and evening take cold showers to wake you up or help you sleep.
  2. Noise: Biggest mistake I’ve made when choosing an apartment to rent and live in — not thinking that street noise was a big deal. The ideal abode as having NO outside street noise, and as far away from busy streets and intersections. Also the realization that you cannot “fix” or buy anything for your home which will help quiet it to rumbling outside street traffic — the only semi solution being some good BOSE noise canceling headphones (on top of earplugs).
  3. Sleep: Even the gods sleep. Sleep as godlike. Sleep deprivation as perhaps one of the most inhumane forms of torture.
  4. Fresh air: At least once a day (ideally several times a day) go on walks, and get fresh air. Even Nassim Taleb theorizes that one day we will discover walking is as essential as sleep for us humans.

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