selfie black and white Ricoh ERIC KIM low angle 28mm

How to Motivate Myself to Make New Photos

The challenge a lot of us photographers face:

How can I discover intrinsic motivation to go out and make new photos?

Some thoughts:

1. Conquering perfectionism

  • selfie black and white Ricoh ERIC KIM low angle 28mm

Seeking perfection is anti-creativity. To create isn’t to strive for perfection, but to enjoy the *ACT* and the playful nature of creation. This is the goal.

2. To be interested, and to be interesting.

We must be interested in the world. To be interested is important. Latin ‘intersum‘, means “to be in-between”. Thus perhaps we as photographers are intermediaries — we lie in the *intersection* or *in-between* reality and camera. We are the intercessors, we make photos. We lie at the intersection. Thus we photograph what we find interest in, and in order to do so, we must leave our homes, go out and explore and actually shoot real photos in ‘real life’!

The Future of Living

3. To make the NEW is the goal

The goal ain’t to make *perfect* photos. The goal is to just go out and make *any* new photos. And especially in today’s brave new COVID world, to even have the guts to go outside (anywhere) is an act of courage and bravery:


Seek to supersede yourself and become more!

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