Portrait of ERIC KIM by CINDY NGUYEN. Kyoto, 2017

Making Pictures IS Happiness!

Portrait of ERIC KIM by <a href=
CINDY NGUYEN. Kyoto, 2017″ width=”800″ height=”530″ /> Portrait of ERIC KIM by CINDY NGUYEN. Kyoto, 2017

Dear friend,

After some philosophizing, I’ve come to realize… true “happiness” in photography IS making pictures. Very simple.

What I mean is this:

To be a happier photographer, make more pictures.

Another implication:

Anything that motivates you to make more pictures is a good thing.

Therefore, DO ANYTHING which motivates you to make more pictures.

How I motivate myself to make more pictures

Selfie with Cindy. Kyoto, 2017
Selfie with Cindy. Kyoto, 2017

For me, here are things which motivate me to make more pictures:

  1. Get out of the house, and walk more. The more I walk, the more interesting stuff I see, and the more I shoot.
  2. Use a neck strap, to wear your camera like a necklace. The more I have my camera on my neck, and the lighter my camera, the more I shoot, and thus, the happier I am. I recommend HENRI NECK STRAP (looks cool, and is functional).
  3. Shoot anything and everything. Shoot textures, hand gestures, urban landscapes, street photos, landscapes, portraits of loved ones, or just selfies. No definitions. The ultimate liberation that will allow you to make more pictures!
  4. Don’t worry about composition so much: Walk and shoot. Don’t stop. Don’t worry about composition, just follow your gut and click a lot.
  5. When in doubt, click. Don’t second guess yourself in photography. Better to make more pictures than fewer pictures.
  6. Just use a phone. When I make pictures on a phone, I feel like a kid again. I don’t take photography so seriously. Just have fun, isn’t that the point of photography?

Happiness and photography

Urban landscape. Kyoto, 2017.
Kyoto, 2017.

Make pictures to make yourself happy.

Other ideas:

  1. Buy books, not gear: Best way to find more inspiration and motivation to make pictures. Or just download my free books.
  2. Experiment with your post processing, and make your own photography filters. Start using my free ERIC KIM PRESETS, and just edit and modify them how you see fit.
  3. Invest in experiences and traveling. The more novel experiences you have, the more inspiration and opportunities you will to have to make pictures.
  4. Don’t just take photos. Make digital illustrations. Draw. Study ALL FORMS of visual art. I love fashion, architecture, interior design, sculpture, and painting.
  5. Find inspiration for life in studying philosophy, poetry, or film. Don’t limit your sources of inspiration.

So friend, what is happiness and photography to YOU? Share your thoughts in ERIC KIM FORUM.




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