Wear Your Camera Like a Necklace or Bracelet

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Hanoi, 2017

I believe one of the best ways to ‘inspire’ and motivate yourself to make more photos is to always have your camera on you, and ready to shoot.

1. Always have your camera on your neck or wrist

I had a thought the other day — what if we always wore our cameras around our neck, like a necklace?

Some people wear their iPhones around their neck, with a thin strap. Some people wear their cameras around their neck.

The problem is that most cameras are too big, bulky, and heavy. The weight of the camera against our neck causes strain, and pain.

But what if you just had a very light and compact camera, that you just always wore around your neck? You would never have an excuse not making photos— or not having your camera with you. Because it would always be with you, and ready to shoot.

2. Why not just the smartphone?

In some ways, I think the smartphone is the perfect camera. It is always with you, easy to shoot with, and we have no excuses. Yet the problem with shooting on a smartphone is that it is easy to get distracted with other things— email, surfing the web, and social media. I like to stay focused when I’m shooting, so I dislike shooting with my phone.

3. Try it out

If you have a hard time finding motivation to shoot, just wear your camera like a necklace for a day, or even a week. Or wear your camera around your wrist, like a bracelet.

Even for me, I try to carry my Ricoh GR II on my wrist always, like a bracelet. I try to make the camera an extension of my body, like it were another limb.

Try it out, and see if this works for you.


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