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Make Today Count!

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Dear friend,

How do you live a fulfilling life? Easy: make the best of today– make today count!


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There is never a perfect opportunity

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“Carpe diem!” (Seize the day!) – Horace

First of all, the time is never ideal. There is never a perfect opportunity. In life, there will always be moments of inconvenience. There will be days when we are sick, tired, or exhausted.

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Something always comes up. Family problems, financial stresses, other inconveniences.

But– what if in spite of all of that– you could still pursue your passion, everyday, regardless of what your job is or your circumstances in life?

What is your passion?

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First of all, I think it is possible that you can make a living from your passion. To make a living from your passion means to make enough money to cover your rent and expenses, by drawing an income from your passion, to cover your basic needs. It is easier to make a living from your passion, especially if you live a cheaper, more frugal/economic daily lifestyle, or you decide to move to a cheaper neighborhood, or a cheaper country (Vietnam and Bangkok are great for ‘digital nomads‘ who want to pursue their passion for a living).

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Anyways, assuming you have your 9-5 day job, and you still want to pursue your passion– whether that be photography, writing, film, music or something else. Ask yourself this question:

What if I knew that I would be stuck with this job for the rest of my life, never get a promotion, or never move, or never have the opportunity to travel. In spite of that, how can I still pursue my passion everyday, and make today count?

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For example, let’s say your passion is photography, and you love to travel. But– if you don’t have a job or occupation that allows you to travel freely, I would almost subtract the “travel” portion from your photography. Just practice photography, everyday!

How to shoot everyday

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For example, shoot photos in your neighborhood when you go on a walk. Shoot photos during your commute. For your lunch break, walk around and make photos. Use the simplest camera possible (whether that be a point and shoot camera, or just your phone). For myself personally, always keeping my camera around my neck has helped me carry my camera with me everywhere, which has allowed me to shoot more (ERIC KIM NECK STRAP for point and shoot cameras, or HENRI NECK STRAP for smaller compact cameras).

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Or perhaps you can make photos after work? Can you spare yourself 30 minutes after work to shoot everyday? Can you take the longer route home, or walk more, instead of taking public transit/driving? Or if you commute to work via car, can you take 30 minutes everyday after work and go shoot? Even if you’re exhausted after work– could you power-up with a double espresso, and find the energy to shoot, and pursue your passion of photography?

Salary man drinking a beer. Osaka, 2018
Salary man drinking a beer. Osaka, 2018

How to write everyday

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One of my passions is writing, and I find myself happiest when I write everyday. I’ve found the best way to write is this:

Write for yourself.

Write ideas that excite you. Don’t make writing some obligatory duty that you must achieve. Write because it is fun, write because you want to flesh out ideas in your head. And then publish it– because of course, there will be at least 1 person in the whole world who will find benefit from your writing.

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Don’t be romantic about writing: just write on your phone, on your laptop, tablet, or whatever device is most convenient for you. I personally like the IA WRITER app in ‘focus’ mode, to help me get in the zone. If you have a hard time getting in the zone or the mood to write, just shut off your wifi (use the ‘Freedom’ app on your laptop to shut off your internet), turn off your phone, and listen to some music that gets you in the zone. Or of course, you can also just drink more coffee.

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How to workout everyday

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If you want to get physically stronger, workout everyday. Make today count– just do some pushups at home, body lunges, yoga– whatever makes it easier for you to workout. Walk to a local park and do chin-ups. Or drive to the local gym, and keep it simple (Monday for deadlifts, Wednesday for chest, and Friday for squats).

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I’ve enjoyed playing around with pushup bars at home, and when on the road (I bought some for only $4 at DAISO in Japan). When I was living back in the states, I also had fun using a 70 pound kettlebell I ordered on Amazon (two armed swings, and 1 armed swings) when I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym.

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The best way to motivate yourself to workout is to just have fun. Don’t workout to lose weight. Workout because you enjoy the physical movement, the physical bloodflow and “pump” you get, and because it is enjoyable. The more enjoyable you make your physical activity, the more motivated you will to keep doing it.


For me, ultimately the purpose of working out is to feel stronger, and to become stronger (physically and mentally).

Tomorrow is never

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Make today count. Not tomorrow, and not the day after that.

Don’t wait until the weekend for you to pursue your passion. Don’t wait until you are on holiday. Don’t wait until you retire.

Make today count, because tomorrow is never.





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