Today’s turbo thought:

To be human is to MOVE!

What is the point of life?

My thought:

There is no ultimate purpose or point to life. The better question is this: While I am still alive, how do I desire to use/direct my human metabolism — toward which ends?

Why focus on movement?

My thoughts:

  1. The reason we have a brain is for us to move.
  2. A human who doesn’t move has no need for a brain.
  3. When we stop moving or have no reason to move, we start to develop brain-mental-health maladies.

It seems the first step in our life is to maximize our physiological strength, well-being, and mind.

Is the point to just move all day?

Then comes the question:

Is the point for us to simply walk for 8 hours a day?

I experimented with this for a few days: using my open schedule to simply walk around all day. I would say this:

When you walk around all day, you are generally in a better mood. Less anxious and stressed. But after a while it gets boring.

Another goal in life

I think perhaps the goal is to maximize your feeling of artistic, physiological, and muscular strength.

For me, this is generally when I am at a coffee shop (standing desk), jamming out to music I like, and writing like a beast.

Also I get this feeling when I am teaching or speaking. I engage all of my faculties and skills. This is when I feel the most powerful and alive.

Get lost in the rapture of reality

I like this idea that we love being alive so much, and we love reality so much that we desire to live forever. Like Nietzsche’s notion of the ‘eternal return‘:

Live your life in accordance as if you were to live FOREVER.

In simple terms:

  1. Never stop moving
  2. Never stop traveling
  3. Never stop lifting weights
  4. Never stop questioning and wondering
  5. Never stop making photos
  6. Never stop making art!


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