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How to thrive in today’s Brave New COVID World:

Some quick thoughts:

1. Physiology as the future

First of all, physiological health and thriving. Muscles. Going to the park often. Walking a lot. As little time in-doors as possible.


2. Mental health is the future

Mental health is essentially the same as physical or physiological health. Which means:

Ironically enough it is the rich and privileged who are suffering the most mental health right now, because they are scared shitless to leave their homes, and scared to socially interact, and scared to do … anything.

Also consider only the rich and elite even know what Twitter is. Or Reddit. Or any of these other “woke” forms of social media or blogs. But truth be told, based on my empirical experiences in real life … the poor-working-class are actually a lot physiologically happier and better off than a lot of these emaciated (scared) sick stuck inside their homes.

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