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Health is the Ultimate Luxury


We obsess over luxury cars, luxury homes, luxury lifestyles, luxury goods, luxury devices, clothes, etc … but what is *true* luxury versus ‘weak’ (unsubstantive) luxury?

My belief:

Health as the ultimate luxury.

Health as defined via great sleep, great tranquility/peace/quiet, great physiological strength, clean air, bright light (lots of natural light), freedom from the cold and ill weather, and surrounding yourself with lots of green and verdant surroundings (in praise of homes with floor-to-ceiling windows, facing the sun [lots of natural light], and also overlooking trees or nature).

Physiological luxuries

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  1. Acupuncture
  2. Massage
  3. Quiet abodes, or visits to resorts with peace and quiet (in praise of Ryokan, hot bath hotels in Japan)
  4. Really really hot baths, contrasted by extremely cold showers
  5. Well-lit, clean, and well-equipped gyms (ideally powerlifting style, with powerlifting rack for squats, deadlifts, etc). With dumbbells over 100lbs.

Optimize for health

My current home gym setup. Two 60lb dumbbells, and one 70 pound kettlebell.

I am convinced:

If you desire to achieve the greatest of accomplishments in life, you must first optimize and maximize your health.

In other words:

  1. Always optimize for peace and quiet in your home, or the ideal/optimal conditions to sleep great (sleep long, over 8-12+ hours, and sleep deeply)
  2. Having a lifestyle which allows you to exercise in a manner which you enjoy and see fit.
  3. Ability or the reason to walk around — walking as essential for health.
  4. Intermittent fasting during the day, and extreme breaking of your fast with insane amounts of fatty meat.

Health is the Ultimate Wealth

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Biological Health and Happiness

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