Good digestion is the road to health:


Some thoughts.

First of all, why is it that a stomach-ache or food poisoning is 1000x more painful and worse than even the worst headache or migraine? Perhaps our intelligence and soul is situated in our stomach. Considering humans are designed to procure and eat food, there certain must be great amounts of hidden intelligence in your stomach and gut.

Stomach strength

meat delicious meat
I can digest fatty meats just fine! Some pork ribs.

For myself, this is how I improved my digestion:

  1. Intermittent fasting during day [no breakfast or lunch, only dinner].
  2. No wheat
  3. No dairy. No cheese, no milk, kefir, even “low-lactose” or “lactose-free” foods ain’t good for my stomach. No butter (even though it is sooo delicious).

These are the big things.

Self-experimentation is key.

stomach abs

Nobody knows your body the way you do. So just experiment! Keep playing with your diet and nutrition until you find something which is best for you.

Practice eliminating the superfluous

Simple ideas of things to try to subtract:

  1. Wheat products: Whole wheat bread, or no-wheat bread.
  2. Legumes (beans)
  3. Starchy foods
  4. Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fruit, fruit juice
  5. Milk, dairy, cheese, butter, etc.

The basic notion is this:

For myself, I discovered all I need for optimal health is fatty meats and bitter green herbs (collard greens, kale).

Everything else seems “unnecessary” for my hyper-health and thriving.



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