How to Improve Your Health

To achieve, do, and create truly extraordinary epic things, you must have hyper health and apex health. How to do this? Some of my thoughts:

Apex health: the top summit of health

Pistol squats

Let us not be fooled. True health is masculine, strong, and muscular. It is not feeble, fat, flabby, and weak. Both physical strength and mental strength. Physiological health. Hard and strong muscles, and big muscles. Low body fat percentage.

Thus the first step:

Become physically stronger, and more physically muscular.

Also lose body fat. Easiest way and simplest way to lose body fat is through intermittent fasting (no breakfast and lunch, one huge meal a day).

Don’t eat food or consume liquids that don’t accord well with you

This is highly personal and subjective to you, but for myself:

  1. No alcohol
  2. No weed
  3. No drugs (no cocaine, mushrooms, LSD, psychedelic, etc)— only drug I consume is black coffee
  4. No sugar
  5. No starch
  6. No carbs
  7. No fruit
  8. No dairy (I cannot process it — I get huge stomach aches and fart a lot)— cheese, milk, butter, etc.
  9. No beans or legumes (farting problem)
Pork ribs and sauerkraut

So what DO I actually eat then?

Simple. Lots of fatty cuts of meat, and bitter greens and herbs (kale, collard greens), and fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi).


Lots of walking outdoors

Kaizen approach to life

Lots of walking outdoors, in green spaces is critical for health. Physical and mental health.

Entrepreneurship Is Best During Uncertain Times

The best piece of advice I’d give you to become maximally healthy and happy in life:

Live in such a manner where you don’t need to own a car (car-free lifestyle), and in which you can walk everywhere, all the time.

Rock powerlifting park

Detox for a day or two

Simple idea and regimen:

For a day or two, detox. Walk a lot outdoors. Lots of green spaces and fresh air. No phone. No devices or music or podcasts. No stimulants, uppers or downers. Fast during the day and break your fast with lots of meat and bitter greens. And sleep a lot. Try to get into bed when the sun sets, and see what happens.


Health is the Ultimate Wealth

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Biological Health and Happiness

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