How to Become Hyper Healthy

What does it mean to become BEYOND healthy?

Something on my mind:

Many of us strive to become “healthy”. But once we are perfectly healthy, is it possible to become “hyper healthy”, or a state BEYOND and above “healthy”?

Degrees of health?

I think most people think about health in a binary:

You are either healthy or “unhealthy”.

The basic notion is that you cannot be “sort of” healthy or “sort of” unhealthy.

But certainly there must be degrees of heath. Like a sliding scale (unhealthy on the far left, and healthy on the far right).


But is it possible to go BEYOND healthy? Like:


I don’t even think we have a term for “hyper healthy” yet. Perhaps “godlike” might be a better notion.

I want to become MORE than healthy

For example talking about myself (ERIC KIM). I’m perfectly healthy. 31 years old, good digestion, good mood, no body pain, strong appetite, positive mood, strong muscular strength, and strong hope and optimism for the future.

But I want more. I want to become BEYOND myself. I want to become a HYPER-ERIC. But what does that even mean?

  1. I want more physical strength (increase my powerlifting personal records)
  2. I want to increase my body muscle mass (more muscles)
  3. I want to augment my mind more (become more intelligent, wise, and discerning)
  4. I want to create more art works (make more photos, write more, think more, innovate more with my arts).

But how can I practically do this? Some experiments:

  1. Acupuncture: Can doing acupuncture unlock some new abilities of my body/mind which hasn’t been unlocked yet?
  2. Intermittent fasting: Extending my fasting (no breakfast or lunch) and breaking my fast (dinner at around 9pm, to maximize my personal productivity). My ideal is to have 24-hour fasts (only one meal a day, and the next meal isn’t until 24 hours later). So I can only eat at 9pm everyday.
  3. Extreme walking: Literally trying to walk as much as I can in a 24 hour day. To do all my computing while standing or walking. Trying to move as much as I physically can in a 24 hour period.

I cannot say I have any conclusive results (yet), but this is a fascinating philosophical pursuit of mine which I will keep you updated with.

Hyper human is the goal!