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Biological Health and Happiness

We humans are biological beings. Shouldn’t we prioritize our biological health and biological happiness?


Biological Health and Happiness

What is biological happiness?

Let us think from a physiological perspective. Very basic. You as a human being — you are a biological being. What does a biological being desire? Physical and physiological thriving. This means:

High energy. High health. High strength.

Biological Health and Happiness

Why do we want high biological health?

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Would you choose to have a quadrillion dollars if you were in the worst physical health? Of course not. We desire health above all. Health is far more important than money, cars, clothes, jewels, and riches.

Health is king

Health is a quadrillion times more important than money. Why do we tend to value money over health?

My theory:

We believe in a life after death, which means… the body isn’t so important.

Why does health matter?

Health is life. Health is the ultimate principle of life and being alive and being human.

A life with poor health ain’t a life worth living.


Health is the Ultimate Wealth

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