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An infinite amount of ways you can approach photography:

1. Juxtaposition between your subject and background

I liked this tree in the background; trying to get Cindy in foreground:

To me, I love this photograph; it is symbolic of Cindy and growth (tree of ideas).

2. Uncommon angles/compositions

Benefit of RICOH GR III x 21mm: shooting directly looking up, creating unusual and strange compositions:

3. Spots of light

When I was coming out of the parking lot, saw this nice little touch of light on the building:

Crop of light

You can see all the variations I shot of the building, until I got a photo I liked.

4. Interesting backgrounds

Making images of Cindy with interesting lines and textures in the background.

Applying Gaussian Blur, filling in the image, inverse:

5. Standing very close to traffic lights, and shooting straight up

A good architecture tip; especially when shooting with very wide angle lenses [21mm, 24mm]

The second photo is my favorite, as it feels the most ‘overwhelming’ and ominous:

Composition 101

Master composition for yourself:

Photography Composition Concepts

Street Photography Composition Tips

Tokyo, 2017

Photography Composition Tips

Color Theory

Color wheel theory: Dynamic tension between opposing colors. Image from CREATIVE EVERY DAY

Learn From the Masters of Composition

Sergio Larrain Compositions

Dynamic Photography Composition 101


Painting Compositions


Dynamic Photography Composition Tips

Chiaroscuro. DYNAMIC LIGHT AND SHADOW. Hanoi, 2016 by ERIC KIM

Composition Theory

Dynamic low angle composition. Tokyo, 2011 by ERIC KIM

Take your composition to the next level:

Street Photography Composition 101

DYNAMIC REFLECTIONS. Man and three reflections by ERIC KIM

For distilled lessons on composition, read the free ebook: “The Street Photography Composition Manual.”

Further articles to improve your compositions in photography:

Composition Theory

Woman and door. Chiaroscuro. DYNAMIC LIGHT AND SHADOW. Hanoi, 2016 by ERIC KIM

Learn compositional theory:

Compositional lessons from the masters of art

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Composition pictures/grids

Golden Diagonal Composition

Golden Diagonal Composition / Kyoto Station, 2018


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