Practical Golden Triangle composition tips when shooting street photography:

1. Photograph someone as they’re exiting your frame

2. Place your subject in the far left or the far right of the frame

3. Practice shooting a shadow selfie of yourself

4. Tilt your camera and shoot from a low angle with a wide-angle lens (like a 28mm)

5. Try putting the Golden triangle composition on your photos after the fact

You won’t always think about the Golden triangle composition while you’re shooting. Practice sketching it on your photo after the fact (when you’re at home) to better analyze your own compositions!

6. Practice on your loved ones

7. Negative space

Put your subject off-center, and get more black or negative space in your photo!

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Chiaroscuro. DYNAMIC LIGHT AND SHADOW. Hanoi, 2016 by ERIC KIM

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Woman and door. Chiaroscuro. DYNAMIC LIGHT AND SHADOW. Hanoi, 2016 by ERIC KIM

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