8 Simple Curve Composition Tips

Tips to shoot curves in photography:

1. Hold your camera up high, and shoot down

Look for the curve in the background, hold your camera high in the air, and point downwards. Tilt your camera to exaggerate the curve!

2. Look for the odd person out

If you see lots of kids looking one way, look for one person or kid that breaks the pattern!

In other words, “Spot the not!”

3. Photograph people while they’re leaving the frame

Shoot wide-angle, and put your subject in the extreme left or right of the frame.

Henri Cartier-Bresson did this well with his famous bicycle photo:

4. Look for curved shapes in the background

5. Get close to the action!

Shoot with a wide-angle lens (24mm or 28mm), and get close to a group of people!

When you’re shooting, make sure people are on the edges of the frame:

6. Selfie shadow curves

Look for a curved something on the ground, and shoot a selfie with it, like a simple garden hose:

7. High elevation, and people going down stairs

8. Tilt your camera

Tilt your camera to exaggerate curves in your photo!

High angle no zoom

High angle no zoom sketch

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