One of the simplest and most effective compositions we can integrate into our photography are triangle compositions. Some basic ideas:

Why triangle compositions?

Garry Winogrand triangle composition

Triangles are simple and elegant. They add balance to the frame, and also dynamism and interest.

Simple ways to shoot triangles:

Triangle advertisement composition. Lisbon, 2018
Triangle advertisement composition. Lisbon, 2018
  1. Hand gestures and faces: Make a simple triangle with someone’s head on top, then their hands on their chest to make a triangle.
  2. Center your subject, then look for two elements to complete the triangle composition.
  3. Put your selfie in the photo to complete the triangle composition.
  4. Fishing technique: Look for two parts of the triangle in the frame, and wait for someone to enter the frame!
  5. You will often discover the triangle composition once you’ve gone home and start reviewing your photos. Identify your triangle compositions after the fact!

Triangle Lisbon composition

Triangle composition examples:


red hand ERIC KIM

Unleash your creative potential:


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