Not Beauty, Health

Something I’ve discovered: it is not necessarily beauty that we are searching for, it is health.

For example, what is the indication of supple breasts in a woman? Healthiness, and fertility. Also, with legs in the backside of a woman, it is more of a sign of health, rather than aesthetic.

Even women having full lips, I wonder if it is simply a sign of healthiness.

We try to beautify ourselves with certain products, make up, and certain types of clothing. But, if the ultimate goal is to show ourselves to others as being the maximal healthy, isn’t focusing on our health the real goal?

More sleep, more intermittent fasting, more muscle mass, less bodyfat, less alcohol and weed, etc. More weightlifting, more time outdoors, more sun exposure, more time in nature, no sugar and simple starches, no bad food.

Also, think hormones.

Health is the Ultimate Wealth

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