MATRIX 4 Critique

Just finished watching the Matrix 4, and I really didn’t like it. Some reasons:

Original Matrix Analysis:

My critique

  1. The tone of the film was too snarky, and self-referential.
  2. The cinematography of the film felt cheap, compared to the original ones. It felt much more like a low budget Netflix show or series.
  3. Rather than having a clean break from the past, it seemed that the Matrix 4 tried too hard to be an homage to the past series. For example, the re-created scenes and cinematography from the original series.
  4. Only Lily Wachowski directed the film (instead of both the Wachowski’s). Perhaps this is why it feels lacking — we need *BOTH* the Wachowskis in order to meet the grandeur of the original Matrix series?
  5. The concept of re-creating the same original characters (like Morpheus, and Agent Smith) but in new bodies was a bit bizarre and weird to me. It would have been better to either have gotten the original actors (Lawrence Fisbourne and Agent Smith), or to have totally re-created new characters. Note — if you will make a sequel and refer to old characters, either get the original old characters (like Jada Pinkett Smith as Naiobe, who was good) or just create *NEW* characters.
  6. Cinematography wise, and scene wise, there are not really memorable scenes. Why is it that almost 20 years after the original matrix, in the year 2021 (instead of 1999) — the fight sequences look *MORE BORING* and the cinematography seems more generic?
  7. The Merovingian (French guy) re-creation very bizarre. Not good costuming for him.

What I liked about the film

  1. I am still grateful they made the film. The ending of the film is quite good, and uplifting.
  2. I liked the expansion of Trinity as a character. It still blows my mind they were able to get Keanu and Carrie back for this film.
  3. The vision of the new ‘Io’ (the new Zion) is quite interesting– a synthesis of both machine and human (like the short from the Animatrix, the machines and man coming together).
  4. I liked the idea that AI from the Matrix can re-create themselves with that particle dust graphic thing (very cool)
  5. Surprisingly the acting from Neil Patrick Harris was actually very good. I liked the blue reference, with the blue ‘false reality’ glasses.
  6. I liked the re-insertion of ‘Sati’ (the Indian/.South Asian girl) from the end of the original film.
  7. The interesting dialogue and note– after the humans of Zion were no longer afraid of the machines, they lost their zest for life. Good critique on humanity and life– having a common enemy actually binds people. Is this why Nietzsche and some other political and philosophical theorists (Heraclitus) also advocate for war?
  8. I liked the critique on SF/Silicon Valley culture.

So should I watch it?

Yeah. Don’t watch it with any expectations. Make your own opinion. But still grateful they made the film!



Cinema and film as a great stimulus, aid and teacher for photographers and visual artists alike.


Cinema and film as a great stimulus, aid and teacher for photographers and visual artists alike.

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