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Why DUNE 2021 is So Great

I am so insanely enthusiastic about the new Denis V version of DUNE (2021) on HBO MAX. It is literally the best thing I’ve experienced in a long long time (to me, on the same level as the MATRIX, or perhaps — even better).

Things I loved

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First of all, the story is just great. Apparently Frank Herbert was inspired by the ancient Roman histories, so the overall story-line is not this strange science-fiction. Rather, it is ‘soft’ science fiction, that has to do more with notions of empire, religious notions of a ‘saviour’, and also Bedouin tribes in the Middle East.

Desert austerity

hand dune

The film has a great desert aesthetic. It literally transports you to a different world.

Connection between father and son

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Paul when he says “My dad is dead”. Now that I got a son, I think much about my love for him.

Religious themes

Notions of “The One” and “saviour”— religious themes run rampart through Dune. Love the Madonna (Mother Mary) motif between Paul and his mom. Definitely Jesus vibes from Paul.

The most interesting battle sequences?

I like in the future, it is a more cyber version of hand to hand combat. Takes more skill and courage than just shooting guns, which seems boring.

I love the notion that you could have some sort of personal body shield, and it is color-coded with blue and red.

Great cinematography

The cinematography and the film is fantastic.

Denis V is a true visionary and artist. When he creates his films he really creates his films like art pieces. Same goes with the blade runner 2049 which is also directed.

A sense of open world adventure

The film expands your mind and the thought of potential new futures. This is the best type of film.

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