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INFINITE (2021) Film Review

Just watched INFINITE the new Paramount+ film, and some quick thoughts:

Is it a ‘good’ movie?

infinite film

Depends on what you define ‘good’ as. Definitely not a high-brow film, but I find it to be a greatly stimulating movie (the sign whether something is ‘good’ or not). Certainly will awaken some sort of creative ideas in your brain.

Mark Wahlberg is great

Half of the fun of this film is just seeing how ripped and buff Mark Wahlberg is (the man’s biceps keep getting bigger and bigger). This alone is like watching the film 300 — gets your testosterone and adrenaline pumping and is a good motivation and inspiration to workout more and get more buff.

I like the samurai-Japanese aesthetics

I have always been a huge fan of Japanese and Samurai culture. To see some Japanese and Samurai iconography in this film is great. Also the set design and architecture in this film is insanely epic.

Do it for the visuals

The film alone (massive budget) has great visuals. Definitely does evoke some sort of Matrix-esque vibes.

So should I watch it?

I say it is definitely worth watching. Don’t watch it for some deep philosophical reasons. Watch it for the inspirational and motivational visuals, the fun acting, and the hero-worship of Mark Wahlberg. If you need some inspiration and motivation, definitely give it a watch!

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