Not the will to truth, as there is no ultimate truth. Rather, the will to art.

Why art?

The reason why artist so great: everyone is an artist. Children adults, everyone. There is no hierarchy in art, all artistic hierarchy is based on sociological art worlds, rather than any objective reality.

The desire to make art

I believe the desire to make art, and to make beautiful things is innate in us. For example, you never need to force a kid to draw, they just draw for the sake of it, because it is fun.

And children have the best imagination. Why is it that we as adults lose our sense of imagination as we get older? I see it is corruption from society, and consumerist notions.

What is consumerism anyways? Consumerism is the thought that you can only get creative and imaginative things from the outside, rather than from within.

Better to be a producer, creator and maker then a passive consumer on the side.

The Art of Art

NONFUTURE film by Cindy Nguyen

The Art of Art

NONFUTURE film by Cindy Nguyen


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