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Anything Which Entertains You Is Good.

As I have hit all my life goals, have reached financial freedom, etc … I have a very difficult time entertaining myself. Almost nothing holds my attention (entertain as ‘en+tenare’ — something which holds your attention).

And in fact, ‘entertainment’ is not base. Epic poetry and deep philosophy tends to be the most entertaining to me, as it is difficult and challenging enough (and interesting enough) to hold my attention.

Thus moving forward in your life, remember:

Life is infinitely too short to be bored (Nietzsche).

And in this way:

Strive to find challenging and interesting enough things to entertain yourself!

Some ideas:

Entertaining media

I actually have a very hard time being entertained by the traditional media (movies, TV shows, etc). Why? It is too ‘basic’– the stories aren’t complex enough, and do not really require my focused attention.

But the thing with media and films and other forms of media (literature, books, etc) — what is ‘high brow’ isn’t necessarily better. Often much of this ‘low brow’ stuff can be the most entertaining and interesting … even to us intellectuals! For example in Cinema, Suicide Squad, the movie 300, and the John Wick series as some of the most fun and entertaining films.

Longer can often be more entertaining

As of late, I find the new Justice League (the Zack Snyder cut) as one of the most entertaining films… even though it is far longer than the typical film. Why is it so entertaining and held my attention my whole time? Because it is deep, dark, and more complex.

Flashy is often more boring

I find it very difficult to entertain myself with most modern films, movies, TV shows, or YouTube. Why? It is too flashy, too many cuts … all these things which create predictable, boring, and too same-same media.

What is the best way to entertain yourself?

For the most part, I find anything I do which is active as far more entertaining. For example, actively analyzing composition, studying art (the great masters), or just going out and making my own art photos (or making my own art at home, via ProCreate and iPad/iPhone via Zen Brush Calligraphy, abstract art works, etc).

Creation holds your attention the best

All creation is good. Anything you create is good. Thus just enjoy the Dionysian joy and stream of creating:

The fewer boundaries you put on your creations, the better:

As you create, you learn.

So just keep creating; figure out the meaning of it all way later!

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