What’s the purpose of design? Why is design important?

Art is all about design

Lamborghini countach

Looking at the new Lamborghini Countach, I’m a but confused. What’s the purpose of it? To be frank, it is extremely boring. Doesn’t look futuristic. It looks a bit bland. Also, the bland white.

Design strives to be non-boring?

I say that the purpose of design should be to shock, awe and inspire the greatness in our artistic spirits and souls.

The more extreme, the better.

Actually I find the Lamborghini HURACAN STO far more thrilling.

Don’t be boring

Then perhaps the purpose of design is to excite us, inspire us, get our heart pumping. Thus my simple takeaway:

Great design gets our physiological muscles into motion.



hand red black macro ERIC KIM


hand red black macro ERIC KIM