What do we really want? Not the Lamborghini but the RAGING BULL concept and aesthetic. When watching the new COUNTACH video, I realized this.

It is the attitude we are striving towards

The other day I went to Wheel Warehouse to get some new TSW rims [Neptune bronze rotary forged] for the Ford Fusion (Rotary Forged, thanks to John Narcisco my brother in law). And I saw this sweet new McLaren:

As I was gawking over the car, I always wondered —

Who is the owner of this car, and how did they become so rich and afford it?

And then I realized —

The car is always impressive, the owner … much less so.

Which made me realize —

When it comes to totems of power and masculinity (hyper sports cars), it is the *ATTITUDE* we are trying to harness, not the thing in itself.

For example, if you want a Porsche 911 turbo, you want to signal your German-design aesthetics, your ‘classiness’, and yet your more subdued masculinity. For a Lamborghini the ultimate flex (scissor doors) to flex your attitude being like a ‘I don’t give a fuck’ raging bull. McLaren as someone more exotic, and different, etc.


hand red black macro ERIC KIM


hand red black macro ERIC KIM