The other day I went to an Amazon fresh store for the first time. It is truly an epic view of the future. Essentially they have carts that could way in automatically check you out, and I love the design of the place. The thought that came to my mind was bare bones. Imagine like a futuristic Costco without superfluous elements. Ultra and uber high ceilings, dark gray granite, and clean futuristic LED lighting. This is the place I would want to stay if there were a zombie apocalypse. I like the idea that a grocery store could be re-created carte blanche, or from a blank slate. Perhaps we should delight more in bare-bones design. For example the joy of the extremely spartan and minimalist interiors of the Tesla model 3 and now Tesla model Y. Think about other places in life where we can integrate bare-bones design in a minimalist minimally aesthetically beautiful way.


hand red black macro ERIC KIM