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The Best Car for Thinking

Perhaps I am the first person to have thought and considered this:

Rather than thinking about what is the best ‘car’ in general … perhaps better to think about what is the best car for thinking?

Why driving is good

When I had my 2003 Subaru Outback (5 speed) with no silly LCD screen, touch screen, or superfluous buttons on my steering wheel … I loved it. Why? No distractions. Only focus on driving and the road. And during longer drives and commutes (no listening to music or podcasts), I was actually able to think. And I would often use the voice dictation for Siri and iPhone (I had the iPhone on a car mount for GPS, and would say, ‘Hey Siri … take a note’) to jot down ideas. And I realized one of the big upsides of driving (a manual transmission car):

By being more engaged, you actually can think more.

Why think?

For us philosophers and thinkers, to think is our greatest joy. Why? To think is what makes us a higher being than the base animals all around us.

Also thinking is fun — to challenge convention, to put our mind in motion (mental motivation) is what gives us more power, enthusiasm and joy in life.

Thus what I say is this:

Best to barbell a car– either get a self-driving Tesla (for the self-driving feature, not the electric stuff), or get a pure manual transmission car with no superfluous buttons, distractions, touch screens, to focus on thinking.



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