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To get full engagement out of life … for things we care about, perhaps this is the secret to living the best and fullest life. And that is why living a more ‘dangerous’ life is good — we actually must use our faculties to FOCUS.

This is why powerlifting is so much more fun and interesting than bodybuilding-styled pointless repetitions. The element of danger is what makes powerlifting (one rep max) so fun and interesting.

Or also perhaps in street photography; the joy of street photography is that we must harness all of our faculties (conquering our fears, our ability to interact with strangers and fellow human beings) is what gives us full maximal engagement.

Thoughts on driving

The other day I did a commute to LA which took me about an hour and a half each way. Certainly it was difficult, but interesting. Because the driving was so hard, I had to focus. And in focusing, I actually was able to do more thinking while driving (the joy of driving).

The upside of manual transmission cars

I think if you have a brutal 2-hour commute every single day, a Tesla with autopilot is the best bet. However perhaps if your goal is to *think* while driving… a manual transmission car is better. Why? You need more engagement to drive a manual car (utilization of your right hand to shift gears), and perhaps the more engaged we are … the more we can think.

Thinking about the best car for thinking.

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