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Your Competitive Advantage with Insanely Fast Wifi and High Speed Internet

As an internet and digital entrepreneur there ain’t that many things in which money can really help you. But one huge thing:

Invest in an insanely fast wifi connection at home (ideally giga-bit, fiber optic, etc).

Why? Let me explain:

1. Flow state

If you got fast wifi, you can create and stream. No kinks in the chain. You can keep flowing.


For example considering now that we are heading more towards more video content and the like, it means —

How can you upload more 4K 60 FPS video … fast?

If I shoot a 4K 60fps video on my Lumix G9, the file is around 10 gigabytes for a 10-minute clip. The average internet speed would take foreverrrrrr! But with a fast internet connection, you can do it in like 3 minutes or so. Hugely beneficial, considering that YouTube will start favoring higher-resolution videos into the future.

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2. Uploaders shall inherit the earth

Simple thought:

If you spent 99% of your day uploading new things, certainly you will become more successful as an entrepreneur than if you spend 99% of the day downloading and streaming.

It is a case of consumerism vs producerism. Producerism means:

You derive your delight and joy in life via producing, making, and generating stuff (instead of consuming for the sake of consuming).

Certainly *some* consumerism is good! For example if I *never* consumed meat, I would die. If I never consumed anything on the internet I wouldn’t expand my mind. If I never consumed books, I would be less wise. But the question is this:

Is your telos (your purpose or end-game in life) to consume for the sake of consuming and increasing your hedonic pleasure? Or is the point to consume *IN ORDER TO* produce more?


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