Pseudo individualism ERIC KIM

Pseudo Individualism

Pseudo means “fake” or “lying” or “to deceive”. The problem with modern day consumerism is this:

We are pseudo-unique and pseudo-individual.

We think that our “taste” (which is superimposed on us by others) distinguishes our uniqueness, individuality and greatness. This is false. We just become marketing and billboards for external brands, rather than promoting ourselves and our own brand (your first and last name).

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  1. Natural Internal Promoting vs External Promptings
  2. Survival vs Thrivival
  3. Become Rich
  5. Why it is Better to Beg for Forgiveness than Ask for Permission
  6. Thinking About the Past Prevents You From Thinking About the Future
  7. How to Predict the Future
  8. Tools of Mass Distraction
  9. So What?


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