Zen natural prompting abstract

Natural Internal Promoting vs External Promptings

The best ideas:

You wake up, and you already have an idea you want to write about.

The problem of modern society:

We wake up, and we are spurred by external promptings (checking our email, text messages, social media messages, news, etc).


  1. When you get home, turn off your phone totally off. When you go to sleep, ensure your phone is OFF (hard off).
  2. Don’t wake up with an alarm clock. If you need an alarm clock, buy one of those external “stand alone”alarm clocks.
  3. If you want to get some good morning writing done, use a device that doesn’t have access to email, text messaging, messages, whatever.
Zen natural prompting abstract

Entrepreneurship by KIM

Become the change which you desire to see manifested in the world!

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  5. Thinking About the Past Prevents You From Thinking About the Future
  6. How to Predict the Future
  7. Tools of Mass Distraction
  8. So What?


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Entrepreneurship Mindset

Put a Dent in the Universe.

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