How to Purchase Your Freedom

How to achieve freedom in a capitalist system: entrepreneurship is the key.

What do we really want?

A thought:

Why is it that we want ‘financial independence’, ‘location independence’, and the sort?

Why are we interested in “minimalism”, “tiny homes”, “van life”, and to become a digital nomad?

My theory: we want to purchase our own freedom (because we feel enslaved).

Let me elaborate:

New slaves

We’re the new slaves. Our new slavery consists of:

  1. Wanting to buy a home
  2. Wanting to buy luxury objects X, Y, Z
  3. Desire for a certain fancy lifestyle

Now these things aren’t bad in themselves. Homes are good, luxury objects are good, and having a fancy lifestyle is good. But– it is the THOUGHT or the NOTION of these things which enslave us.

For example, if you are poor, middle class, or even upper-middle class, you desire more. This is a type of slavery-servitude. Why? You don’t become the master of your own life. Instead, you are always pining (striving) for more material comforts and more material things. As the ancient Roman saying goes:

Comfort is the road to waste.

American society is slavery-society

I’m convinced– almost all of us in America are slaves. The only free individuals are those who are self-employed, or “sole-proprietors” of their business. Also, you are only free if you don’t have to report to share-holders, a boss, a board, or chair.

Once again, the rules are:

  1. Never raise venture capital money: You will lose your freedom
  2. Never work for a boss, or be “responsible” to a chair or any other organization
  3. Never work for an institution, because they still control you
  4. Be very very suspicious of free gifts or money; it will end up becoming a chattel or slave-bondage for you in some way.
  5. Never have debt: All debt is bad debt. If you owe money on your car, credit card, home, student loans, you are still a slave.
green lime

How to purchase your freedom

  1. Become self-employed
  2. Pay off all your debt (have no debt)
  3. Embrace an extremely frugal and simple lifestyle
  4. Become a philosopher (apex position in society and humanity).

Do you really care for freedom?

Now this is the key question:

How much do you care for freedom, and what are you willing to sacrifice or pay for it?



How to achieve freedom in a capitalist system: entrepreneurship is the key.

Entrepreneurship Mindset

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