How to Predict the Future

Basic. Think about the past, human nature, and societal and sociological-technological trends. For example —

  1. People of the future are going to be MORE addicted to their phones. Internet speeds (5G and beyond) will keep becoming faster and more accessible. Eventually the whole globe (internet.org) will be connected to the internet, perhaps via Facebook, Google, or Amazon.
  2. Rich elite people will keep getting richer. We will probably see trillionaires in our lifetime.
  3. Data and computer and artificial intelligence ethics will become very important, but nobody will really care to pay for it. Thus computer science and machine learning, artificial intelligence will be by far the most lucrative fields of the future.
  4. Human emotions, biases, and desires won’t change. Sex (porn), drugs and alcohol (weed, alcohol, LSD, hallucinogens), desire for status, desire for social ascendancy, desire for hierarchy. Desire for consumerist goods. Desire for more luxurious things.

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