Tools of Mass Distraction

Continuation of my ‘He Who Owns the Media Owns the People‘ essay:

These mega corporations exist in order to distract us to death (in order to maximize their money-earning).

These corporations aren’t evil per-se. They exist in order to maximize their income and profits. And how can they best do that? Own all the media which entertains us, and entraps us.

Disney owns whaaaat?

I was surprised that Disney owned ESPN and Fox. This means:

  1. Distract us to death with mindless sports
  2. Distract us to death with new Superhero movies
  3. Distract us with Disney+ and other new streaming services
  4. Distract us with TV, etc.
what disney owns
What Disney Owns

Now once again, this ain’t evil. It is just the purpose of a corporation! But this is my main criticism and critique:

If we believe in individualism and free-spirited thinking and living, let us strive to disconnect ourselves from the media, sports, and all these things which distract us to death.


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