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Survival vs Thrivival

To survive is basic. It is impossible *NOT* to survive in today’s soft new world. If you follow orders, pay attention, are studious, do well in tests, listen to the boss, you will inevitably climb the social and corporate ladder, make more money, have kids, buy the house and Lexus, whatever. But to me … this is by far the most basic life.

What we are hungry for is thrivival (thriving). How to do this? My ideas:

What does ‘thrive’ even mean?

Upon searching wiktionary.org it seems the definition of ‘thrive‘ can mean two things:

  1. To prosper (financially)
  2. To increase in bulk, stature (‘vigeo’ in Latin).

Essentially the gist is this:

To thrive is to keep growing (‘physis’ in Ancient Greek).

To keep growing is the goal. To quote Bob Dylan:

“If you ain’t growing, you’re dying”.

What is ‘growth’ anyways?

How to Augment Your Muscle Mass

As an empiricist, let us start from the fundamentals and basics — human physiological growth. Simply put:

How to add more muscle mass to your body.

The best growth and most important growth is human physiological growth. For both men and women this means:

How to add muscle mass and how to DECREASE or subtract body fat (adipose tissue).

Simply put:

  1. During the day, intermittent fast.
  2. While fasted, lift weights. Walk around a lot. Get fresh air. Do any type of exercises you feel like; whether body weight exercises (calisthenics), whether weight lifting (powerlifting or bodybuilding style) or yoga or whatever you’re into.
  3. When you break your fast (preferably when the sun goes down, Ramadan style), eat a shitload of meat (I aim for 5-10 pounds of meat a day). I don’t eat ‘vegetables’, only bitter greens (kale, collard greens) or fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi.
  4. Sleep very early (nowadays I try to get into bed and shut the curtains at around 7:30pm).

This will easily result in muscular growth, and loss of body fat tissue (adipose tissue).

DON’T be stuck in stasis

Balance isn’t the Goal

My first intervention:

The best way to thrive is to *NOT* be stuck in a state of stasis.

This is a ‘via negativa’ approach to the solution:

To figure out how to thrive, figure out how to *NOT* rot and decay.

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