The Philosophy of Bodybuilding

More bodybuilders should get into philosophy and more philosophers should get into bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding — the art of building your body. Increasing your muscle mass (skeletal muscle) while lowering (or keeping minimal) your bodyfat (adipose tissue).

Why does this matter?

No body, no mind. Your mind originates in your body. If you want to think better, build a stronger body.

Physics don’t lie

Nobody can deny that ERIC KIM deadlifted (sumo) 455 pounds (no strap, no belt) with only chalk and a mixed grip. Also, I don’t take testosterone, protein powder, creatine, supplements, etc. Also I did this while fasting (I never eat food before powerlifting).

Muscles don’t lie.

You can lie about your bank account or whatever, but you cannot lie about your body.

230 pounds floor press

Muscles are good. The stronger you are physically, the better.

You cannot buy a good body

You can buy a Lambo, but you cannot buy a 6 pack. Also, you cannot purchase fake muscles.

For myself, I prefer to flex my body than to flex my money.

deadlift rock ERIC KIM

Flexing is good

Watch Pumping Iron with Arnold S. Note how there is no (reverse) body shaming with flexing. Flexing is good. It is manly, noble, and good.

How I workout at home