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Why I Flex

The rationale and logic behind flexing:

1. The joy of witnessing my own growth and progression

ERIC KIM HOME GYM FLEX – Orange Background Lumix G9 1080p

Some people like to track their stocks, their financials, and other metrics. To me I like the qualitative measure of seeing my body before my very eyes evolve, grow, augment, become more.

Also what I love about tracking my own bodily growth:

I can actually control it.

For example, I can control what I eat, and what I don’t eat. I can control what exercises to do. Which lifts to do. Thus, I got 100% control over my body!

  • back flex

2. It is a fun game

ERIC KIM HOME GYM WORKOUT 1 – Weighted Chinups [1 plate]

Some people like to play video games. I like to play my body game! The game:

How strong can I physically become?

And truth be told, I care more for my strength gains [powerlifting] more so than my physique. My belief is that it is more empirical to grow and measure your ‘one rep max’ versus the subjectivity of your personal bodily physique.

ERIC KIM HOME GYM WORKOUT 2 – Weighted Chinups [2 and 3 plates]
ERIC KIM HOME GYM WORKOUT 3 – Weighted Chinups [4 plates]