The Producerism Manifesto

Dear friend,

This is a call to arms. Let us break free from the shackles of consumerism; let us embolden ourselves with the new ethos of ‘producerism’.

When is consumerism a problem?


First question:

Is consumerism bad?

Not necessarily. Of course we must consume in order to exist and create!

However this is the problem:

When our consumption out-weighs our producing.



Most individuals will agree that consumerism is (mostly) bad. However the question is:

What is the solution, or the opposite of consumerism? Or what is the anti-consumerism ethos?

I don’t think one exists (yet).

My proposition:

Let us embrace ‘producerism’ as a new ethos of living.

What is producerism?

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The idea is very basic:

Let us spend 90% of our time, effort, and energy to produce and create stuff. Let us only spend 10% of our lives consuming.

Why produce?


When we produce (make stuff), we take control. We have freedom. We have autonomy.

When we are in a ‘flow’ of production and making stuff– we enlighten ourselves. We feel calm and in control. We feel jubilant, because we can put our will into things. We can use our will-power, our minds, and our hands, to give birth to things in real life!

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When we are creators, we become demi-gods. God is the original creator. And we are not god, but we all have an inner-god within ourselves.

For example our buddy Jesus tells us (John 10:34):

“Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (King James Bible)

What is a Demi-god?

The word ‘Demi-god’ comes from Latin: (semi-deus). Roman poet Ovid uses the term as ‘half god’.

Or as my best friend Kanye West says in his ‘I Am A God‘ song on Yeezus:

“I know he the most high [Jesus]. But I’m on a close high.”

A reference to Psalm 82: (Hebrew bible, A Psalm of Asaph):

I have said, “You are gods;
you are all sons of the Most High.
But like mortals you will die,
and like rulers you will fall.” – Psalm 82

My interpretation:

We are divinely inspired, and while we will die– our creations and artwork will live on!

Make art


What is the best use of our lives and human metabolism? My simple idea:

Make art.

And to improve your artwork, share your pictures to ARSBETA.COM to gain insightful feedback and constructive critique on your work, to make yourself an (even more epic) artist!


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