5 Garry Winogrand Street Photography Composition Lessons

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I want to analyze some compositions I really like from Garry Winogrand; and share how we can better incorporate more edgy compositions into our own work:

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1. Boy alone on the far left, evenly spaced boys on the far right, leaning over to him:

This is seriously one of the most epic composition photos I’ve seen:

Note the out of focus dogs in the foreground (pink):

Abstracted, to see all the shapes and forms:

2. Depth

Simple depth photo:

3. Dynamic directions

All the elements pointing or looking at different directions; adding a lot of dynamic pulling in the frame in different directions!

4. Car hood in foreground

Very simple yet effective: put something in the foreground (like the hood of a car) and fill the frame with it– to block out the distractions, to focus on the other stuff in the frame (like the man in cyan):

5. Taking a step back; showing context

From Winogrand’s “Public Relations” project– note the ‘behind the scenes’ context of these press events– to just show how manufactured/silly it is:

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Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

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