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How to Do More Work

Not work for work sake but noble work; work you only care for. To not do any ‘bullshit’ work (busy work). I am convinced, much of the modern notions of ‘work’ (vainly checking your email, trudging through your todo list) is things we hate to do. No child likes to do busy work in school. What do kids like to do? Play! To run around! Do fun stuff!

But I still think … work can be good if it is directed towards means and ends you truly care for. Then if the goal is to do more work and to perform more work, some thoughts:

  1. Intermittent fasting; no insulin spike or sugar crash during the day. More stable metabolism and creative energy throughout the day. Break your fast in the evening (after you have done all your work) with a victorious and glorious meat-heavy meal!
  2. Ruthlessly prune distractions. We all know what our personal kryptonites are when it comes to distractions. Thus just identify your primary distractions and shut them off. For me, this is email and phone. So I almost never use it, or if I will use it, it will be faaaaar later after I do my real work (writing, thinking, making art, making photos, making videos, etc)
  3. Get rid of toxic and negative people from your life: Any negative energy is a retarding force in your life. Ruthlessly prune the energy-suckers, the energy-vampires, and those who like to throw their negative shade upon you.


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