Why is change so scary and difficult? Why are we so reticent to change? My thoughts:



To change things or to change ourselves means:

I must take some sort of real life risk and have some sort of ‘skin in the game’ in regards to my personal actions in embodied reality.

It is safer to complain. Talk is cheap. Action is expensive. Expensive meaning:

If you fuck up in real life, there are real consequences.

However when you just complain, there is really no downside. Even when you complain, nobody will punish you for complaining. Actually it seems that 99% of social circles are just complaining parties. People come together, and love to complain about x, y, z. This is why I hate talking politics; it is all about complaining, no changing.

The best way to change others

If you really want to change others; lead by example (hegemon).

To change something takes more courage, guts and skill than to complain. Thus let this be our new mission statement:

I will not complain. If I see something I really hate soooooo much, I will do something about it!!!


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