A realization:

It isn’t money, power, fame, or notoriety I desire… but control.

Control over myself, control over my decisions, control to do what I want to do, and control to *NOT* do what I don’t want to do.

Entrepreneurship by KIM

Become the change which you desire to see manifested in the world!

Become you.

  1. Competition is for Losers
  2. Change.
  3. Your Competitive Advantage with Insanely Fast Wifi and High Speed Internet
  4. Pseudo Individualism
  5. Natural Internal Promoting vs External Promptings

Think for Yourself.

  1. Survival vs Thrivival
  2. Become Rich
  4. Why it is Better to Beg for Forgiveness than Ask for Permission
  5. Thinking About the Past Prevents You From Thinking About the Future
  6. How to Predict the Future
  7. Tools of Mass Distraction
  8. So What?


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Entrepreneurship Mindset

Put a Dent in the Universe.