4 Photography Motivation Tips


Dear streettogs,

Hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to send you a quick email, with some quick turbo thoughts on how to re-spark your passion for photography. Practical tips to get you going in your photography again! Here are the basic ideas:

  1. Don’t confine yourself within a genre of photography: I know most of us enjoy street photography the most, but let us not trap ourselves within this small genre. I think as street photographers, we are ultimately humanistic photographers; we want to photograph something that is about humanity. That means you don’t only need to photograph people. We can photograph urban landscapes (where people live), we can photograph architecture (humans designed this), public spaces, and even nature (humans love nature). By breaking free of the trap of genre, you can truly evolve your visual artistry to the next level.
  2. Shoot monochrome: I love color photography as well, but the problem with color is that color limits us. Not everything looks good in color; everything looks good in monochrome. Personally I’ve just been shooting RICOH GR III in high-contrast monochrome JPEG mode (I don’t even shoot RAW anymore). This has been great for my photography — I can shoot ANY subject-matter, and still make an interesting photo out of it!
  3. Only shoot JPEG: I am convinced if you are having a hard time to make new photos, shooting RAW (or worrying too much about post-processing your photos) is counter-productive. It seems that by keeping your photographic process and flow insanely simple (Program [P] modeJPEG ONLY) you will motivate yourself to shoot more! By shooting JPEG (select a preset filter you like), you can shoot more immediately, directly, and you can easily share and upload your photos. Anything you can do to streamline your photographic process is good.
  4. Go on a quick trip a little outside of where you’re used to: I don’t think you need to travel somewhere super exotic to re-inspire and re-spark your passion to make new photos. Somewhere just a little bit different from your normal schedule is good. For example, jump in your car and drive to a part of town you’re a little unfamiliar with. Or jump on the metro, and even though you might feel tired and want to stay home, use that opportunity to go on a new adventure!

Life update

So since the last time we chatted, some quick life updates:

  1. Moved to Providence (Rhode Island), and currently loving life. Enjoying walking a lot, shooting a lot of photos on RICOH GR III (and 21mm adapter), shooting high-contrast JPEG, and a simple life of lifting weights, writing, and thinking.
  2. Thinking a lot about photography, art, and the philosophy of physiology (physique, longevity, aging, powerlifting while fasting, and becoming ‘hyper healthy‘).
  3. During my last trip to NYC, thinking a lot about the morals of street photography
  4. Very excited for my new Mexico City Travel Street Photography Workshop Experience (Jan 16-19th, 2020). Now that I live on the East Coast, I want to escape the cold in the winter, and I am super duper pumped to eat all the phenomenally delicious food, focusing on street photography, and becoming ‘hyper happy’ there (it is seriously one of my favorite places in the world).
  5. Did my first full-body acupuncture session, and really enjoyed it. My theory: perhaps the “micro-trauma” of the needles in our body is like some sort of “hormesis” which allows our body to become stronger. Perhaps a mix of acupuncture, massage, and powerlifting is optimal to become hyper-healthy.


If you want to re-spark your passion for photography, join me at one of my upcoming street photography adventures:

If you have any questions about the upcoming workshops, please email my workshops manager Neil at neilta@gmail.com

New turbo thoughts

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