Possible vs Probable

A thought:

We must think in terms of possibility (physics, first principles) not probability (being “realistic”).

Anyone can live a basic, comfortable, and mediocre life by simply following orders, being industrious, and listening to the rules. But if it is your ambition for a new type of elevation in life, you must think in terms of what’s possible (governed by the law of physics).

Do the laws of physics prevent you from achieving x, y, z?

I think we all have “unrealistic” goals in life. I’d encourage you:

Ruthless experimentation, extreme frugality, great industry and discipline in order to achieve what you desire.

Not to work hard, hustle, and have discipline to prove yourself as worthy and virtuous in the eyes of other. Instead, these are your tools of economy and action to propel you to achieve, accomplish, and seize what you desire in life.

The entrepreneurial desire

To me, entrepreneurship is far beyond making money. It’s a certain attitude and approach to life. To favor ruthless and interesting experimentation in order to manifest your desires in reality. This can apply to starting your own business, sharing your ideas, sharing your artwork, or living in a way which is contrary to the masses.

Disregard plausibility and being “realistic”. Manifest your own “crazy”desires in reality — for fun and curious self-experimentation, and to prove:

Is it possible?


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