The Best Photos are Your Photos

A thought:

Don’t worry too much about how “good” you are as a photographer (comparing yourself to others). Instead, just focus on making your own photos.

Less interest in the photos of others (even of the great master photographers). Ultimately your focus as a photographer is to make your own images, NOT to become anyone else.

A child is only interested in their own images

I’ve discovered deeper truths about art when studying and observing children.

With children, they focus on drawing, painting, and coloring their own images. They aren’t interested in ‘comparing’ their artwork with anyone else. They are simply totally engrossed (in the zone, or a ‘flow state’) when creating art. They don’t even make art for “fun” — it is simply an extension of their being and soul!

Imagine like you’re the only photographer

Pursue your photography as if you were the only photographer existing. This means thrive in ‘creative isolation‘. Spend large swaths of time NOT looking at anyone else’s work. Spend more time looking at your own work!

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