In Praise of Becoming Self-Centered

The best life is the self-centered life.

Why become self centered?

  1. If you’re not self centered, you will not accomplish great tasks.
  2. If you’re not self centered, your ego and self esteem will always depend on the opinion of others.

Why is being self centered seen as evil or immoral?

Utilitarian and modern social thinking is this:

If you’re not sacrificing yourself for the sake of others or for the “greater good”, you’re sinning.

The origin is mostly Puritan, English, and Protestant-Christian morality.

Christianity (the religion) is all about improving the happiness of everyone collectively. In Christianity, you’re not allowed to be an individual with differing thoughts and opinions.

Furthermore ultimately most of modern society isn’t individualistic. Most individuals are NOT self-centered. And if someone is more self centered, they are disparaged as being a “degenerate”, immoral, sinning, and evil.

How to become self centered

First: deem that your needs, desires, and passions reign supreme.

Second, put much skin between yourself and others. This means see yourself as different from others, and show little curiosity in the virtues of others. Deem your own virtues as supreme, and engage in “creative isolation” in order to develop yourself.

Self employment

It seems in order to achieve the apex of self centeredness, you must become self employed. Why? This is the only way you can gain 100% control over your own life. You need 100% control over your schedule. This means:

  1. No need to show up to the office at any arbitrary days or times.
  2. Ability to live your everyday life without having to check your phone or email.
  3. No meetings, or pre-scheduled activities

The goal is to achieve a “zen zone” which will allow you to put all of your attention, power, and concentration into your own self-formation:

  1. Bodily self formation: Going to the gym whatever time of day, being able to workout as long (or short) as you desire.
  2. Ability to control your eating schedule.
  3. Ability to control what time you sleep and what time you wakeup.

Center into yourself.

The more self centered you become, the better!

Center yourself, zen zone. Thrive on your own mental throne. Chrome and black, mind elevated with stacks. Create your own plaques for yourself, stand high; never knelt!


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