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Why Can’t I Lose Fat?

I am just writing this for myself; advice I wish I could have given myself:

1. The hack

I am convinced– the via negativa approach is best. This means:

  1. Do not eat any nuts [even delicious almonds], starches, fruits, starchy veggies, potatoes, rice, beans, legumes, etc.
  2. Do not eat breakfast and lunch; in praise of intermittent fasting and having one huuuuuge dinner meal at night.
  3. Do not consume any sugars, whether ‘natural’ or not.
  4. No alcohol. No weed [you get weed munchies, and therefore maybe you are more likely to eat crap which is detrimental to losing body fat].
  5. And no … eating meat doesn’t make you fat.

2. Eat more fatty cuts of meat

No no no … eating fatty meat with high cholesterol and high saturated fat does *NOT* make you fat.


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