Critique of Almonds

I like almonds and have eaten a shitload of them over the last few years. But … how come nobody critiques them? Some thoughts:

Bad for the environment?

Everyone says meat is bad for the environment (we all know this), but how come nobody says almonds are bad for the environment? Almonds are insanely water hungry. Imagine how much fresh water gets diverted to almond growth. Remember the California drought?

Fat adipose tissue gain?

Some personal experiments over the last few years:

Eating a lot of almonds (almonds are very sweet and starchy) leads to adipose (fat tissue) gain.

Truth be told I have eaten a lot of almonds in the past because they’re always just lying around. Also, getting suckered by Berkeley and Bay Area folks how almonds are the new “superfood”(think about the replacement of cows milk, and replacement of soy milk with almond milk, almond butter, and all things almonds).

I think it is evident that sweet foods cause adipose fat tissue gain. And the next time you really eat an almond … note how sweet almonds are. Almonds are super sweet! If they are sweet, it means it is sugary. And sugar is the ultimate culprit that leads to fat adipose tissue gain. And I suspect that almonds in the past were probably not this big, nor this sweet. Perhaps modern almonds are bad for us.

My simple solution:

Replace almond consumption with more meat, eggs, pork, chicken, beef, fish, or any animal products.



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